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The gender pay gap: Discrimination or structural differences?

By Solomon W. Polachek Women earn less than men. In the US the gap is approximately 22%. Among OECD countries the gap averages 15%. One might argue this indicates rampant discrimination. But the story is far more complicated. Many women … Continue reading

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How the origins of language structures may help explain current economic outcomes

A growing literature in economics has demonstrated that grammatical features of languages influence our economic decisions. For example, whether or not a language makes a clear-cut distinction between present and future (while an English speaker uses a future marker as … Continue reading

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Decoding attitudes towards migrants

The recent political success of right-wing populists in the US and in many European countries is often attributed to a surge in anti-immigrant sentiments among broad parts of voter populations. Researchers, however, have struggled to understand the development of these … Continue reading

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