Kuznets Prize awarded to Paolo Masella at ESPE meeting

Paolo Masella from the University of Sussex received the 2014 Kuznets Prize at the meeting of the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE 2014) in Braga, Portugal. His paper “National Identity and Ethnic Diversity” was selected as the best article published in the Journal of Population Economics in 2013. The prize was presented by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, IZA Director Klaus F. Zimmermann.

Paolo Masella and Klaus F. Zimmermann

Paolo Masella and Klaus F. Zimmermann

The paper investigates the main determinants of national sentiment and the relationship between ethnic diversity and the intensity of national feelings.

Recent empirical evidence suggests that ethnic diversity has a negative impact on economic development and political stability. In countries with high levels of ethnic diversity “nation building” has often been proposed as a mechanism for integration and conflict reduction.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Masella finds no evidence of less intense national sentiment in more ethnically fragmented countries or in minority groups. However, he also finds that national feelings in a minority are higher than in the majority depending on the ethnic diversity of a country.

The Journal of Population Economics awards the Kuznets Prize yearly for the best paper published in the journal. The Prize Committee consists of Klaus F. Zimmermann and the journal’s editors, Alessandro Cigno, Erdal Tekin, and Junsen Zhang.

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