Don’t be afraid of the future of work! Werner Eichhorst explains current labor market trends

A new book edited by Werner Eichhorst and Paul Marx looks at Non-Standard Employment in Post-Industrial Labour Markets. Examining the occupational variation within non-standard employment, the book combines case studies and comparative writing to illustrate how and why alternative occupational employment patterns are formed.

In a video interview, Werner Eichhorst (IZA Director of Labor Policy Europe) shares some of the key insights from the book. He explains why the share of non-standard work has increased in many developed economies and addresses the role of occupational factors. He also comments on the role of policy makers and social partners, and outlines what types of employment will dominate in the future.


See also the latest IZA Policy Paper by Werner Eichhorst:

adobebutton Do We Have to Be Afraid of the Future World of Work?

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