IZA Prize in Labor Economics conferred to Claudia Goldin at ASSA Meeting in Chicago


H. Schneider, C. Goldin, D. Hamermesh

The 15th IZA Prize in Labor Economics was formally conferred to Claudia Goldin during the traditional IZA Reception at the annual meeting of the Allied Social Science Associations in Chicago on January 6, 2017. After introductions by Hilmar Schneider (CEO of IZA) and Daniel S. Hamermesh (Chief Coordinator of the IZA Network), laudatory remarks were given by Shelly Lundberg (UC Santa Barbara; IZA Prize Committee member), Robert A. Margo (Boston University) and Price V. Fishback (University of Arizona).

Claudia Goldin is the Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University. The 2016 IZA Prize recognizes her career-long work on the economic history of women in education and the labor market. Read more about the laureate, her impressive vita, her “detective work” as an economic historian and labor economist, and her insights on the gender gap:

[more about the IZA Prize]

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