Magne Mogstad receives 2017 IZA Young Labor Economist Award


Magne Mogstad

Magne Mogstad, the Gary S. Becker Professor in Economics at the University of Chicago, has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 IZA Young Labor Economist Award. IZA bestows this honor once every two years to an aspiring labor market researcher below age 45 to support and stimulate top research. The selection was made by a committee consisting of the IZA Network Coordinator and five distinguished economists: Francine Blau, Richard Blundell, George Borjas, David Card and Shelly Lundberg.

According to Daniel S. Hamermesh, Professor at Royal Holloway University of London and Editor-in-Chief of IZA World of Labor, the award is a “modest recognition of the remarkable amount that Mogstad has already achieved.” He has contributed major studies in such diverse areas as the economics of the family, human capital, econometrics of labor issues, and others. The breadth of the topics analyzed is matched by the depth of the contribution in each area.

Mogstad’s research is characterized by a strong empirical focus on large-scale administrative population data to answer a variety of public policy questions. In his most recent papers, for example, he addressed the effect of assortative mating on overall income inequality, the welfare implications of disability insurance, and the causal mechanisms behind the intergenerational transmission of wealth.

The Award, which carries a stipend of 6,000 euros, will be conferred formally during the IZA reception at the ASSA annual meeting in Philadelphia, PA, on January 5, 2018.

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