Peer effects at work are smaller than often suggested

What happens to a worker’s own productivity if one of her less productive colleagues is replaced by a highly productive […]

“The Price of Rights”: How to regulate international labor migration

Many low-income countries and development organizations are calling for greater liberalization of labor immigration policies in high-income countries. At the […]

Firms do not benefit from active labor market policies

Do firms benefit from active labor market policies? In order to answer this question, Michael Lechner, Conny Wunsch and Patrycja […]

Longer maternity leave: Good for children of highly educated mothers

Do children do better in school if mothers stay longer at home after birth? A new IZA Discussion Paper by […]

Firms with female CEOs exhibit a more stable performance

Do female-led firms perform differently than male-led ones? A new IZA Discussion Paper by Pierpaolo Parrotta and Nina Smith investigates […]

Have the benefits from marriage changed over the past decades? A new IZA Discussion Paper by Shelly Lundberg and Robert […]

Unmet expectations: Why we are unhappy during midlife

Human beings are happy when they are in the mid-20s and when they are hitting the 60s, but they experience […]

Most people do not know the amount of their pensions

Governments are increasingly concerned about the capacity of pensions systems to meet demands in the coming years. According to the […]

How to motivate workers? Money versus mission

How much harder do people work when they believe in the mission of their organization? And equally important: How much […]

How job security increases insecurity

The goal of employment protection legislation is to increase workers’ job security by making it more difficult and costly for […]

Men earn more because they negotiate better

Women have been found to do worse when it comes to negotiating their salaries: first, because they renegotiate less, and, […]

High testosterone, high wages?

Does the level of testosterone, which is associated with more aggressive and competitive behavior, explain why men earn more than […]

Early retirement makes men live longer

Does early retirement affect how long people live? In a new IZA Discussion Paper, Hans Bloemen, Stefan Hochguertel and Jochem […]

What is the right price of clean air?

How much are people willing to pay for clean air? Driven by this question, empirical economists have come up with […]

How effective is high school mentoring?

Is it worthwhile paying special attention to high school students from disadvantaged social backgrounds? Núria Rodríguez-Planas put this question to […]


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