Did your grandpa change his name? Find out why that was a smart thing to do.

Many immigrants arriving in America in the early 20th century started a new life, and often they started it with […]

Extending paid maternity leave makes no sense economically

Paid maternity leave has become more and more popular over the past few decades as mothers have increasingly entered the […]

What predicts a successful life?

How much of adult well-being is determined by childhood influences? The answer to this question is very important to policy-makers […]

Study abroad programs boost labor market careers

Despite the great popularity of international educational mobility schemes like the European Erasmus scholarship program, relatively little research has been […]

Persuading mothers to work: results from an experiment

Many women see themselves as the better providers of care for their children, and thus refrain from delegating child care. […]

How to manage the quality-quantity tradeoff

A commonly acknowledged problem in running a business is that the more that is produced, the lower the quality due […]

High school counselors effectively help students choose the right college major

Choosing the right field of study at college is a very important, but also a very difficult decision. Many prospective […]

Relative bonus payment schemes do not increase performance

Many firms run employee-of-the-month or job promotion contests. Stock brokers get additional money if they beat the index. Bonus payment […]

Welfare benefits are no magnet for migrants

EU commissioner Laszlo Andor has been under fire since he claimed last week that welfare tourism is “neither widespread nor […]

Peer effects at work are smaller than often suggested

What happens to a worker’s own productivity if one of her less productive colleagues is replaced by a highly productive […]

“The Price of Rights”: How to regulate international labor migration

Many low-income countries and development organizations are calling for greater liberalization of labor immigration policies in high-income countries. At the […]

Firms do not benefit from active labor market policies

Do firms benefit from active labor market policies? In order to answer this question, Michael Lechner, Conny Wunsch and Patrycja […]

Longer maternity leave: Good for children of highly educated mothers

Do children do better in school if mothers stay longer at home after birth? A new IZA Discussion Paper by […]

Firms with female CEOs exhibit a more stable performance

Do female-led firms perform differently than male-led ones? A new IZA Discussion Paper by Pierpaolo Parrotta and Nina Smith investigates […]

Have the benefits from marriage changed over the past decades? A new IZA Discussion Paper by Shelly Lundberg and Robert […]


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