Gender quota on corporate boards in Italy had no spillover effects

Representation of women in top executive and high-paid positions remains low

Revisiting the importance of replication studies in economics

Debate about the effectiveness of public health efforts at the turn of the 20th century

Revealing stereotypes to teachers can improve student outcomes

Immigrant students receive lower grades despite same performance as natives

Telework increases employees’ stress levels

Well-being effects differ between working from home and bringing work home from the office

Stalled progress of women in economics

Productivity differences do not explain gender disparity in promotion rates

Graduates from EU countries more likely to leave UK because of Brexit

First evidence of causal impact on return intentions

What hides behind the German labor market miracle?

Decrease in separation rates explains much of the decline in unemployment after the Hartz reforms

The platform economy in Germany

IZA research report on industrial relations and social dialogue in the age of collaborative economy

Are professors good teachers?

Lower-ranked instructors are just as good when it comes to tutorial teaching

Steering more students into STEM?

Costs of delivering postsecondary instruction differ markedly by field of study

Blind hiring is curbing biased decisions — using algorithms and AI

A 'white' name can dramatically increase chances of being invited to a job interview

Wheelchair users face considerable discrimination in the labor market

Disability reduced callback rates by 50% in a field experiment

Early retirement increases mortality risk among men

Unhealthy retirement lifestyles may lead to more premature deaths

New education models for the workforce of the future

Industry 4.0 requires an improved school-to-work transition

Race-blind school admissions policy increases racial segregation

Rolling back integration efforts harms student outcomes


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