Covid-19 scrambled European country ranking of labor market performance

Small changes in unemployment and inactivity, but notable differences between countries in 2020

Higher minimum wage lowers enrollment in academic programs at universities

Study from Canada investigates the impact of the minimum wage on individuals' schooling decisions

Relative comparisons affect performance and choices in college

Whether someone is a big fish in a little pond is largely a matter of luck, but it changes how students behave

“I will have to discuss this with my family”

New study on the effects of wages on intra-family bargaining and hours worked

Happy power couples?

Working in the same occupation or industry as your partner increases satisfaction with life, work and income

Men try to avoid being beaten by a woman

Lab experiment measures gender differences in performance in games with differing competitive pressure

Even those who are fair can discriminate

Systemic discrimination through the design of the recruitment process

Does technological progress promote gender equality?

Industry 4.0 could hurt women's labor market prospects in developing countries

Working from home continues to increase

IZA survey suggests most employees in Germany are satisfied with their employer’s infection control measures

Targeted COVID-19 relief programs improve compliance with confinement measures

Study from Italy analyzes the impact of a food stamp program on social distancing

Suddenly a stay-at-home dad?

How fathers' job loss affects time investment in the household

Measuring individual-level poverty in developing countries

New approach accounts for resource sharing and scale economies in large families

Brexit referendum vote caused an increase in hate crime

Effect was concentrated in the first quarter after the referendum and was larger in areas that voted to leave the EU

How working-time flexibility affects workers’ productivity in a routine job

Field experiment shows positive effects of allowing greater autonomy at work

Video resumes increase callback rates

People with visible disabilities benefit equally from this service


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