Research reveals ‘climate-change complacency’ across Europe

New paper illustrates the importance of human feelings for economic policy-making

Does economic development deter workers from leaving poor countries?

Two new studies find that as people in developing countries get richer, they are more likely to emigrate

Graduating in a pandemic may lead to long-term income losses

IZA Expert Panel reveals country differences in labor market researchers’ expectations

Does the dream of home ownership rest upon biased beliefs?

New study finds that prospective home owners overestimate the well-being consequences of home ownership

Do refugee classmates affect the educational attainment of native students?

New study from Norway compares siblings exposed to different refugee shares at school

Shorter compulsory schooling can increase the overall time spent in education

Reform in Egypt had unexpected positive effects for girls from disadvantaged families

Poor air quality increases COVID-19 deaths

Moving at-risk patients out of polluted areas could reduce the case fatality rate

High-skilled workers expected to suffer less from the COVID-19 crisis

IZA expert survey: Large differences by qualification, small differences by gender

Does social capital help contain COVID-19?

New study provides insights from seven European countries

Face masks substantially reduce COVID-19 cases in Germany

Analysis exploits regional variation in point in time when masks became compulsory

Flattening the COVID-19 curve: What works

Preventing close contacts in large groups has been most effective

U.S. experts regard income support for the unemployed as the most useful policy to mitigate the COVID-19 labor market crisis

IZA Expert Panel reveals large transatlantic differences in top labor economists’ assessment of policy responses

Occupational exposure to contagion and the spread of COVID-19 in Europe

Patterns of social contacts at work help explain why richer countries recorded more serious outbreaks

How firms in Germany react to the COVID-19 crisis

Mitigation responses are stronger among weak firms and those with expectations of a long shutdown

How role models influence prosocial behavior during COVID-19

Actions of fellow citizens and political leaders affect donations and volunteering in different ways


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