How immigration affects housing costs

Study from Switzerland shows that free movement agreement with EU substantially raised prices of owner-occupied housing

Does immigration undermine social cohesion in the receiving country?

New study shows that one million refugees did not change how Germans view their society

Immigration or automation?

Low-skill immigration to Denmark slowed robot adoption

Skilled immigration spurs innovation

Study from France shows that specialization and reorganization within firms drive increase in patenting activity

How firms adjust when they cannot hire foreigners for low-skill work

New study uses randomized work-visa restrictions to study the effect of low-skill immigration in the U.S.

Job matching in online markets

IDSC workshop brought together economists and computer scientists from academia and practice

“We need to talk about Mechanical Turk”

What 22,989 hypothesis tests tell us about publication bias and p-hacking in online experiments

Who is more productive from home?

New survey evidence shows that personality traits matter (a lot)

Children benefit from longer parental leave

Study from Denmark shows positive effects on socio-emotional skills and well-being

Cutting disability insurance benefits may come at a cost

Reform in Hungary led to decrease in tax revenues as beneficiaries lowered their labor supply

Increased wage transparency in job postings has no effect on gender pay gap

Study from Austria finds that pay transparency law did not make women more likely to switch to better-paid jobs

Minimum wage increases lead to substantial declines in vacancy postings

Largest effect in at-risk occupations

Minimum wage contributed to rise in solo self-employment

Study exploits Germany’s introduction of industry-level minimum wages to investigate the causal impact

Employer market power in Silicon Valley

Study reveals that no-poach agreements among tech giants cost employees billions

How attractive is telework?

Survey experiment shows that employees are willing to accept smaller wage increases for more autonomy


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