Promoting labor market mobility among job seekers can backfire

New research highlights unexpected pitfalls and offers insights for more effective policies

Who benefits and who loses from affirmative action in elite universities?

Study from Brazil shows that earnings rise for minority students but drop for top enrollees

How exposure to artificial intelligence affects worker well-being

New study finds lower job and life satisfaction but no evidence of adverse mental health effects

Tax flight by the super-rich: Does it really happen?

New study from the UK on the impact of capital tax reforms on migration behavior

The long shadow of China’s one-child policy

New research on fertility among Chinese immigrants to the US suggests small-family cultural norms are hard to overcome

What we teach children about race and gender

New study uses AI tools to analyze representation in images and text of children's books

Democrats do not benefit electorally from popular minimum wage increases

New study suggests voters pay little attention to indirect transfers

Worker pay rose in U.S. chains that abandoned no-poaching clauses

New study points to the importance of antitrust policy and enforcement for worker welfare

Woke jobs after Dobbs?

How public support for female employees both helped and hurt some employers after Roe v. Wade was overturned

What we associate with first names and how it helps explain discrimination

Employers overestimate Black-White gap in productivity and discriminate, especially when making fast hiring decisions

What does job applicants’ body art signal to employers?

New study directly measures the stigma surrounding job candidates with tattoos and piercings using real recruiters

What drives high self-employment in poor countries?

New study highlights links to the attractiveness of wage employment, shocks to jobs, and job finding rates

Why upward mobility from poverty is particularly low in the United States

New study compares the mechanisms through which poverty persistence is channeled in high-income countries

How wildfires affect labor income

U.S. study shows that drifting wildfire smoke reduces earnings thousands of miles away

Did the minimum wage in Germany improve allocative efficiency?

New study finds that aggregate productivity gains resulted entirely from within-firm productivity improvements


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