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IZA Prize in Labor Economics conferred to Claudia Goldin at ASSA Meeting in Chicago

The 15th IZA Prize in Labor Economics was formally conferred to Claudia Goldin during the traditional IZA Reception at the […]

The Empirics Strike Back Again: Abel Brodeur wins Leamer-Rosenthal Prize for his dedication to open science

In 2013, IZA Research Affiliate Abel Brodeur (University of Ottawa) and his co-authors published an IZA discussion paper titled “Star […]

IZA Fellow Aaron Sojourner serves at U.S. President Council of Economic Advisers

IZA Research Fellow Aaron Sojourner (University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management) has been appointed as a senior economist on […]

Now over 10,000 papers in the IZA DP series!

Established in 1998, starting with 100 papers in the first two years, the IZA Discussion Paper series now includes more […]

IZA Prize goes to Claudia Goldin

The 2016 IZA Prize in Labor Economics goes to Claudia Goldin, the Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University. […]

From a global perspective: Assessing the effects of labor market reforms

Since the 2008/09 global recession unemployment and inequality have been on a rise. Reforms of labor markets have been one […]

A note from the new Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Hamermesh about IZA World of Labor

I have just begun my tenure as Editor-in-Chief of IZA World of Labor (WoL), and I am thrilled to be […]


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