IZA News

Skills, preferences and labor market outcomes

3rd IZA/HSE workshop discusses new research from post-transition and emerging economies

Identifying policy levers in education settings

4th IZA Workshop on the Economics of Education

Matching workers and jobs online

IZA workshop brought together economists and computer scientists from academia and practice

New research team structure at IZA

Creating synergies through flexible collaboration

IZA Journals now published by Sciendo

Authors benefit from more convenient submission, reduced fees, and faster processing

Improving jobs outcomes in developing countries

3rd IZA/World Bank/NJD Conference on Jobs and Development

Causes, costs and benefits of migration

IZA's 16th Annual Migration Meeting discussed the labor market implications of refugee flows and migrant integration

How environmental policies affect the labor market

IZA workshop evaluated the costs and benefits of reducing pollution and mitigating global warming

IZA Young Labor Economist Award goes to Leah Boustan and Philipp Kircher

Outstanding research on different facets of labor economics

Children benefit from school construction and conditional cash transfers

3rd annual workshop of IZA's Family and Gender program

Half of German employees would like to work fewer hours

New results from the IZA/XING Survey

briq/IZA Workshop on Behavioral Economics of Education

How behavioral insights can contribute to equality of opportunity

Fourth Annual IZA Junior/Senior Symposium held in Austin, Texas

Promoting young researchers from both sides of the Atlantic

IZA Fellow Alan Krueger passes away

Distinguished Princeton University economist dies at age 58

Boundaries betweeen work and leisure are blurring in both directions

Many employees work after hours from home, but they also do private stuff at work


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