Work arrangements matter for the child penalty

New study shows mothers can work more while maintaining parenting time when given more control over work schedules

Unequal workloads: Global gender divide in market, domestic, and care work

New study reveals large disparities and normative influences

How associative memory influences our financial decisions

New findings from ERC-funded project on economic belief formation

Most Ukrainian refugees plan to return

New study on effects of local conflict on refugees’ return plans, actual return, and integration outcomes

AI capital boosts employment prospects for economics graduates

New study examines impact of AI education on hiring chances in the UK

Frontier technologies are likely to accelerate the de-routinization of work

New study shows firm-level differences in technology adoption that may increase between-firm inequality

Major replication project re-analyzes over 100 economics and political science articles

New study by more than 350 coauthors finds high reproducibility rates, but also highlights areas for improvement

Men face a tougher time finding part-time work

New analysis of online labor markets in Switzerland unveils gender bias in part-time hiring

How are firms affected by parental leave absences?

New research reveals limited firm replacement for mothers on leave, yet no long-term consequences from extended leave

Work-home distances increase in Germany

New study explores how the shift to remote work is reshaping the relationship between labor markets and location choice

First-generation high achievers face hidden obstacles on path to success

Top students from working-class backgrounds make different educational and career choices

Vocational language courses boost skills but struggle to directly improve job prospects

Research report analyzes impact on labor market integration

IZA study analyzes HR practices to recruit and retain skilled workers

Research report identifies "knowing-doing gap" in German firms

How the division of roles within the family shapes job satisfaction

New study finds secondary earners more likely to prioritize personal preferences over compensation

Broad majority of global population supports climate action

First globally representative survey on actual and perceived willingness to fight global warming


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