Poor air quality increases COVID-19 deaths

Moving at-risk patients out of polluted areas could reduce the case fatality rate

High-skilled workers expected to suffer less from the COVID-19 crisis

IZA expert survey: Large differences by qualification, small differences by gender

Does social capital help contain COVID-19?

New study provides insights from seven European countries

Face masks substantially reduce COVID-19 cases in Germany

Analysis exploits regional variation in point in time when masks became compulsory

Flattening the COVID-19 curve: What works

Preventing close contacts in large groups has been most effective

U.S. experts regard income support for the unemployed as the most useful policy to mitigate the COVID-19 labor market crisis

IZA Expert Panel reveals large transatlantic differences in top labor economists’ assessment of policy responses

Occupational exposure to contagion and the spread of COVID-19 in Europe

Patterns of social contacts at work help explain why richer countries recorded more serious outbreaks

How firms in Germany react to the COVID-19 crisis

Mitigation responses are stronger among weak firms and those with expectations of a long shutdown

How role models influence prosocial behavior during COVID-19

Actions of fellow citizens and political leaders affect donations and volunteering in different ways

Short-term consequences of COVID-19 on labor market outcomes in the United States

Negative impacts especially for men, younger workers, immigrants, Hispanics and less-educated workers

Helping job seekers online

COVID-19 increases joblessness but also prevents the provision of face-to-face employment assistance

Low-income earners suffer most from the COVID-19 crisis

Having the option to work from home is largely a matter of education

Do immigrants integrate differently in new and traditional host countries?

New study shows that immigrants enter the Finnish and Swedish labor markets in a remarkably similar manner

How expectations affect compliance with COVID-19 social-distancing measures in Italy

People’s willingness to comply is related to their expected end date of self-isolation measures

Do women shy away from public speaking?

Field experiment shows female students are less willing to present to a larger audience


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