Steering more students into STEM?

Costs of delivering postsecondary instruction differ markedly by field of study

Blind hiring is curbing biased decisions — using algorithms and AI

A 'white' name can dramatically increase chances of being invited to a job interview

Wheelchair users face considerable discrimination in the labor market

Disability reduced callback rates by 50% in a field experiment

Early retirement increases mortality risk among men

Unhealthy retirement lifestyles may lead to more premature deaths

New education models for the workforce of the future

Industry 4.0 requires an improved school-to-work transition

Race-blind school admissions policy increases racial segregation

Rolling back integration efforts harms student outcomes

Shrinking gender pay gap has made boys more ambitious

More women succeed in male-dominated sectors, but few men choose traditionally female occupations

Ten years after the financial crisis

Labor market adjustment in emerging and post-transition economies

Individuals with criminal records may stay in their jobs longer

Hiring former inmates could make sense both on efficiency and on moral grounds

The Tyranny of the Top Five

Pressure to publish in top journals stifles creativity in economic research

Education as a source of inequality

Workshop of IZA's "Economics of Education" program area

Female leadership raises team performance

Field experiment at an Italian university tests gender stereotypes

Challenging the use of the twin instrument in the social sciences

Twins are more often born to healthier women

Does faster reintegration of the unemployed reduce job quality?

Two studies from Switzerland analyze the effects of job search requirements and assistance

Did the Internet displace social capital?

How broadband penetration affected civic engagement, political participation and relational activities in the UK


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