Costs and benefits of postponing elections during the pandemic

New study on voting, contagion and the trade-off between public health and political rights

Air pollution reduces electoral support for government parties

New study identifies emotions as an explanation why poor air quality affects voting decisions

What happens to workers at firms that adopt new technologies?

Study finds that digital technologies increase workers' employment stability, wage growth and earnings

Mergers and acquisitions change the hierarchical structure of the firm

Total employment declines because of job losses at targets, but acquirers increase hiring

Hotter temperatures increased workplace injuries in California

New study finds that incidents are undercounted in official records

UK sugar levy effectively reduced calorie intake from soft drinks

New study identifies product reformulation as key driver

How social norms affect people’s willingness to fight climate change

Survey experiment shows climate-friendly behaviors and norms among fellow citizens are vastly understimated

The impact of climate change on labor markets

IZA workshop discusses new research on the labor market implications of global warming

Rapid tests effectively contain COVID-19

New research shows that antigen testing has played a major role in curbing the pandemic in Germany

How environmental pollution affects educational and labor market outcomes

IZA workshop discusses new research on environment, health and labor markets

Machine learning in the welfare system

Algorithms are more accurate at predicting welfare dependency than standard early warning systems

More goals, fewer babies?

New research finds a drop in birth rates nine months after major sports events

New research on the economic effects of migration policies

IZA's 17th annual migration meeting with 17 presenters covered a variety of topics and countries

The burden of mandatory waiting periods for abortions

Lengthier waits and two-trip policies pose substantial obstacles

Loneliness and social isolation in Europe

The pandemic's toll on loneliness could have consequences long after the virus recedes


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