Minimum wage contributed to rise in solo self-employment

Study exploits Germany’s introduction of industry-level minimum wages to investigate the causal impact

Employer market power in Silicon Valley

Study reveals that no-poach agreements among tech giants cost employees billions

How attractive is telework?

Survey experiment shows that employees are willing to accept smaller wage increases for more autonomy

How COVID-19 affects educational choices in high school

Students in Sweden moved away quickly from service-oriented vocational programs

New book on labor markets in low-income countries

G²LM|LIC volume addresses challenges and opportunities for development strategies

How people’s feelings evolved during the pandemic

Analysis of Twitter data provides insights on the impact of COVID-19 on well-being in Europe

Women face higher earnings losses than men after job displacement

Motherhood and sorting into part-time jobs can explain part of the gender gap

Minimum wage reduced the gender wage gap in Germany

Largest effect among low-paid workers, but women in higher wage groups benefit as well

Coal phase-out in 2030 – what costs will employees face?

Wage insurance scheme could substantially reduce welfare costs arising from lower wages and job security

What if working from home will stick?

Distributional and climate impacts for Germany

Labor market programs substantially improve refugee integration in Germany

Research report also finds positive effects on social inclusion

Schools may contribute to stemming the pandemic

Mandatory COVID-19 tests at German schools helped curb infections after the summer break

Profit taxation reduces innovation by firms

Policymakers should consider targeted tax credits rather than general tax reductions

It hurts to be economically insecure

Chronic pain rises during recessions, but not among the jobless

Costs and benefits of postponing elections during the pandemic

New study on voting, contagion and the trade-off between public health and political rights


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