Does winning an ERC grant improve scientific productivity in the long run?

New study finds overall limited impact, with positive outcomes only for top-ranked winners in specific fields

Generous unconditional cash transfers may reduce short-term labor force participation

Study from Barcelona finds negative employment effects, particularly among households with care responsibilities

How Covid changed women’s risk aversion

Natural experiment from urban Burkina Faso reveals permanent instability of preferences

Better housing leads to better health

New study reveals significant cost savings through reduced hospital admissions

Can more education save the planet?

New study finds sizable causal effects of years of schooling on pro-climate outcomes

How immigration affects housing costs

Study from Switzerland shows that free movement agreement with EU substantially raised prices of owner-occupied housing

Do digital technologies complement or substitute employee training?

New study finds that investment in training per employee is reduced with the adoption of modern technologies

Does immigration undermine social cohesion in the receiving country?

New study shows that one million refugees did not change how Germans view their society

Immigration or automation?

Low-skill immigration to Denmark slowed robot adoption

Skilled immigration spurs innovation

Study from France shows that specialization and reorganization within firms drive increase in patenting activity

How firms adjust when they cannot hire foreigners for low-skill work

New study uses randomized work-visa restrictions to study the effect of low-skill immigration in the U.S.

Job matching in online markets

IDSC workshop brought together economists and computer scientists from academia and practice

“We need to talk about Mechanical Turk”

What 22,989 hypothesis tests tell us about publication bias and p-hacking in online experiments

Who is more productive from home?

New survey evidence shows that personality traits matter (a lot)

Children benefit from longer parental leave

Study from Denmark shows positive effects on socio-emotional skills and well-being


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