Challenging the use of the twin instrument in the social sciences

Twins are more often born to healthier women

Does faster reintegration of the unemployed reduce job quality?

Two studies from Switzerland analyze the effects of job search requirements and assistance

Did the Internet displace social capital?

How broadband penetration affected civic engagement, political participation and relational activities in the UK

Matching workers and jobs online

IDSC of IZA workshop discussed new developments and opportunities for social science and practice

Why does education reduce crime?

Keeping kids “off the streets” may matter more than improving their labor market prospects

Parental leave benefits do not widen the socio-economic gap in child development

Analysis of school entrance exams in Germany

How xenophobic violence impairs the integration of immigrants

Significant impact on life satisfaction and language acquisition

Gay marriage policies improve attitudes towards sexual minorities

Cross-national study with European data suggests a causal effect

School reforms and socioeconomic inequality in Germany

15 years after the PISA shock

Immigration of poor voters increases redistribution

West German cities responded with higher taxes and welfare spending to post-WWII inflow of forced migrants

Brothers foster women’s gender conformity

Study from Denmark shows that parents invest differently in their daughters if they also have sons

When the market drives you crazy

Stock market returns affect the number of fatal car accidents

Challenges and successes in refugee integration

New insights from international economic research

15th IZA Annual Migration Meeting held at Harvard Kennedy School

New research covering topics from deterrence to integration

Britain’s got talent

Developing it could be key to solving the productivity puzzle post-Brexit


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