Tobacco control strategies that work

New findings on the effectiveness of smoking bans, sales restrictions and pictorial warnings

Why don’t we sleep enough?

Field experiment explores the role of behavioral biases in sleep choice and shows that monetary incentives work

How traffic pollution affects children’s academic performance

Lower test scores, more behavioral incidents, and more absences

Effects of banning the Islamic veil in public schools

French policy improved Muslim girls' educational outcomes

Economic causes and consequences of mass shootings

Perpetrators are often low-educated and in financial distress — shootings leave lasting scars on local labor markets

Why the German police deserve your trust

Police applicants self-select on trustworthiness and the willingness to enforce norms of cooperation

Does pay-for-performance in education work at scale?

Nationwide program in Peru has little effects on student achievement

What happens when you deregulate the teacher labor market?

British reform increased pay dispersion and improved student performance

Identifying policy levers in education settings

4th IZA Workshop on the Economics of Education

Legacy and athlete preferences at Harvard

Admissions advantages of privileged applicants have gone up over time

Do workers discriminate against female bosses?

Criticism has a much larger negative effect on both female and male workers’ attitudes if it comes from a female boss

Matching workers and jobs online

IZA workshop brought together economists and computer scientists from academia and practice

Indoor air pollution hampers cognitive performance

Chess players make more mistakes when breathing dirtier air

Low Emission Zones in Germany improve population health

Reduced air pollution in urban areas translates into fewer circulatory and respiratory diseases

Mothers’ employment encourages children to work more as adults

Working mothers serve as role models especially for daughters


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