Global terrorism decreases well-being and shifts political attitudes rightwards

Analysis using data on 70,000 terror events worldwide

How the Chernobyl cloud affected cognitive abilities in Germany

Even low doses of radiation can have significant human capital costs.

Job applicants under a vacancy referral scheme are viewed as less motivated

Experiment with professional recruiters in Belgium

New evidence on ‘gay glass ceilings’ in top management

Study from the UK shows that sexual minories face barriers in accessing high-level management positions.

Informal care givers pay a high price in well-being

New study monetarizes the well-being losses from providing informal care to family members.

The costly consequences of just failing a high-stakes exam

Education systems around the world increasingly apply standardized high school exit exams to make achievement more comparable among graduates (see […]

Air pollution increases crime in London

Higher levels of air pollution in London increase the rate of most types of crime in the capital and, in […]

The moral hazard of life-saving innovations: Naloxone access, opioid abuse, and crime

By Jennifer Doleac and Anita Mukherjee The United States is grappling with an epidemic of opioid abuse and mortality. The […]

Is dependency on disability insurance benefits transmitted from parents to children?

Disability benefits provide an essential safety net for many people of working age whose health prevents them from engaging in […]

The impact of self-selection on performance

Our behavior is strongly influenced by comparisons with others. These “others” are not usually assigned to us, but we choose […]

How China’s rise has challenged the benign view of free trade

The costs and benefits of free trade are one of the most contentious topics in economic policy. Economists often argue […]

Searching on campus: Marriage market effects of the student gender composition

The growing success of online dating platforms seems to indicate that finding your partner in the “real” world becomes harder. […]

Civility and trust in social media

Trust is a fundamental asset for economic development. Social media have been credited with the potential of reinvigorating trust by […]

What drives the gender pay gap?

The earnings differential between men and women is a recurring topic in academic research and policy debates. While the gender […]

When the unhealthy self kills our New Year’s resolutions

“New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin […]


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