Legacy and athlete preferences at Harvard

Admissions advantages of privileged applicants have gone up over time

Do workers discriminate against female bosses?

Criticism has a much larger negative effect on both female and male workers’ attitudes if it comes from a female boss

Matching workers and jobs online

IZA workshop brought together economists and computer scientists from academia and practice

Indoor air pollution hampers cognitive performance

Chess players make more mistakes when breathing dirtier air

Low Emission Zones in Germany improve population health

Reduced air pollution in urban areas translates into fewer circulatory and respiratory diseases

Mothers’ employment encourages children to work more as adults

Working mothers serve as role models especially for daughters

How wage expectations differ by gender

Sorting, children, and negotiation styles explain persistent gender inequalities in starting salaries and lifetime pay

Incentivizing learning-by-doing

Bonus payments may boost productivity and learning on the job

Talk about performance – or pay for it?

Bonus payments may undermine the positive effects of performance reviews

The Newest Revolution? Happiness!

Richard Easterlin on the marked improvement in people's feelings of well-being

Higher absence rates in the public than the private sector

German public sector employees are more likely to stay home sick

How parents pay for their unemployed adult children

Study analyzes changes in consumption, work and saving habits

Working conditions in online labor markets

Crowdworkers' human capital is neither fully utilized nor adequately compensated

Labor market impacts of digitalization and automation

Technological change will not lead to mass unemployment but to increasing labor market polarization

Expansion of paid parental leave may work against intended goals

Study from France analyzes the effects on household specialization and children's well-being


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