Do immigrants integrate differently in new and traditional host countries?

New study shows that immigrants enter the Finnish and Swedish labor markets in a remarkably similar manner

How expectations affect compliance with COVID-19 social-distancing measures in Italy

People’s willingness to comply is related to their expected end date of self-isolation measures

Do women shy away from public speaking?

Field experiment shows female students are less willing to present to a larger audience

Male students are more likely to receive favorable grade changes in college

Gender differences in the tendency to negotiate

Internships are more likely to be paid when local unemployment is low

Employers favor candidates with previous internship experience and white-sounding names

Does it pay to start your career with a job at a larger firm?

Size matters for young workers' long-term outcomes

How cash windfalls affect wages

Small high-tech firms use government R&D grants to raise incumbent workers’ earnings

Economic crises have long-term adverse health effects

New findings on the role of luck in the timing of life events

How biased news affect our willingness to pay taxes

Exposure to positive news about government action increases tax compliance

Students overestimate their academic achievement

Field experiment in Mexico City shows how feedback affects biased self-beliefs

Student feedback has little effect on teacher behavior

Male teachers largely seem to ignore feedback from students

Extensive social media use hurts teenagers’ mental health

Moderate daily use has positive effects on peer relationships

How broadband internet affects labor market matching

Improved recruitment process leads to better and more stable employment relationships

Are women more willing to accept jobs with lower pay?

New research on quit behavior, job satisfaction, and job preferences

How the rise of industrial robots affects family behavior

Men's 'economic value' on the marriage market has fallen with growing labor market uncertainty


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