How broadband internet affects labor market matching

Improved recruitment process leads to better and more stable employment relationships

Are women more willing to accept jobs with lower pay?

New research on quit behavior, job satisfaction, and job preferences

How the rise of industrial robots affects family behavior

Men's 'economic value' on the marriage market has fallen with growing labor market uncertainty

Worker representation in the boardroom increases capital formation

Firms invest more when employees get seats on the board

Taxing billionaires

Geographical location of the ultra-wealthy in the U.S. is highly sensitive to state estate taxes

How earthquakes affect social preferences

When people are exposed to a disaster, their demand for redistribution increases

Tobacco control strategies that work

New findings on the effectiveness of smoking bans, sales restrictions and pictorial warnings

Why don’t we sleep enough?

Field experiment explores the role of behavioral biases in sleep choice and shows that monetary incentives work

How traffic pollution affects children’s academic performance

Lower test scores, more behavioral incidents, and more absences

Effects of banning the Islamic veil in public schools

French policy improved Muslim girls' educational outcomes

Economic causes and consequences of mass shootings

Perpetrators are often low-educated and in financial distress — shootings leave lasting scars on local labor markets

Why the German police deserve your trust

Police applicants self-select on trustworthiness and the willingness to enforce norms of cooperation

Does pay-for-performance in education work at scale?

Nationwide program in Peru has little effects on student achievement

What happens when you deregulate the teacher labor market?

British reform increased pay dispersion and improved student performance

Identifying policy levers in education settings

4th IZA Workshop on the Economics of Education


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