New education models for the workforce of the future

Industry 4.0 requires an improved school-to-work transition

A data tax for a digital economy

The globalized internet age calls for innovative approaches to taxation

Challenging the use of the twin instrument in the social sciences

Twins are more often born to healthier women

Britain’s got talent

Developing it could be key to solving the productivity puzzle post-Brexit

Can foreign aid reduce emigration?

Why aid efforts aimed at shaping migration must look beyond deterrence.

‘Dreamers’ could give US economy – and even American workers – a boost

By Amy Hsin (City University of New York) Earlier this month, hopes were high that a bipartisan deal could be […]

The impact of repealing “Obamacare” on children’s academic performance

By Michael A. Leeds (Temple University and IZA) There are many reasons to feel relieved by the recent failure to […]

The gender pay gap: Discrimination or structural differences?

Diskriminierung oder strukturelle Unterschiede?

Will robots take over? How automation changes the world of work

Technological change has advanced digitalization and automation in a number of industries, raising fears that human workers will eventually become […]

On the costs and benefits of international labor mobility: Interview with George Borjas

The drastic and unexpected increase in the number of people seeking asylum in Germany in 2015 has overshadowed the long […]

The overeducated Italian doctors

By Giuseppe Lucio Gaeta, Giuseppe Lubrano Lavadera, and Francesco Pastore Gaining a Ph.D. possibly determines positive outcomes from both an […]

What politicos get wrong in Germany’s retirement debate

A crucial reality check for all Germany’s politicians eager to hand out even more retirement benefits: They need to ensure […]

Against xenophobia and national barriers – in light of the refugee crisis in Europe

European leaders have failed to devise any short-term solutions to address the underlying drivers forcing refugees to flee Africa and […]

Two solutions to the challenges of population aging

By Milena Nikolova Population aging—the increase of the share of older individuals in a society due to fertility declines and […]

The right mix of migrants to meet Germany’s needs

“In past decades, Germany has made great strides with the integration of foreigners. Those achievements must be defended prudently and […]


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