Britain’s got talent

Developing it could be key to solving the productivity puzzle post-Brexit

Can foreign aid reduce emigration?

Why aid efforts aimed at shaping migration must look beyond deterrence.

‘Dreamers’ could give US economy – and even American workers – a boost

By Amy Hsin (City University of New York) Earlier this month, hopes were high that a bipartisan deal could be […]

The impact of repealing “Obamacare” on children’s academic performance

By Michael A. Leeds (Temple University and IZA) There are many reasons to feel relieved by the recent failure to […]

The gender pay gap: Discrimination or structural differences?

Diskriminierung oder strukturelle Unterschiede?

Will robots take over? How automation changes the world of work

Technological change has advanced digitalization and automation in a number of industries, raising fears that human workers will eventually become […]

On the costs and benefits of international labor mobility: Interview with George Borjas

The drastic and unexpected increase in the number of people seeking asylum in Germany in 2015 has overshadowed the long […]

The overeducated Italian doctors

By Giuseppe Lucio Gaeta, Giuseppe Lubrano Lavadera, and Francesco Pastore Gaining a Ph.D. possibly determines positive outcomes from both an […]

What politicos get wrong in Germany’s retirement debate

A crucial reality check for all Germany’s politicians eager to hand out even more retirement benefits: They need to ensure […]

Against xenophobia and national barriers – in light of the refugee crisis in Europe

European leaders have failed to devise any short-term solutions to address the underlying drivers forcing refugees to flee Africa and […]

Two solutions to the challenges of population aging

By Milena Nikolova Population aging—the increase of the share of older individuals in a society due to fertility declines and […]

The right mix of migrants to meet Germany’s needs

“In past decades, Germany has made great strides with the integration of foreigners. Those achievements must be defended prudently and […]

A note from the new Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Hamermesh about IZA World of Labor

I have just begun my tenure as Editor-in-Chief of IZA World of Labor (WoL), and I am thrilled to be […]

Courage, trust and autonomy: Werner Eichhorst outlines challenges of the new world of work

In a recent podcast by the WorkLife HUB, an online platform focusing on work-life balance topics, Werner Eichhorst speaks about […]

A European perspective on long-term unemployment

By Werner Eichhorst In the aftermath of the 2008/09 recession, long-term unemployment has increased in many EU member states. Even […]


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