Low fast-food prices make teenagers fat

How do food prices affect body fatness of teenagers aged 12 to 18? This is the research question raised by […]

Munich discriminates against lesbians, Berlin does not

Are lesbians subject to labor market discrimination? And can they avoid discrimination by adopting a more conventional lifestyle such as […]

How superstition affects house prices

People looking to buy and sell homes in areas with large concentrations of Asian immigrants may benefit from a crash […]

Why start-up subsidies even help in labor market slumps

Subsidizing unemployed workers to start their own business has been proven an effective policy tool to improve long-term employment and […]

Getting stuck in the blues – on the persistence of depression and anxiety

With 10% of the population in the Western world affected, depression and anxiety are two major health disorders. While the […]

How being a victim of school bullying affects your labor market career

Do victims of bullying at school still suffer later in their working lives? A new IZA Discussion Paper by Nick […]

Explaining the impact of the crisis on young and old workers in the EU

A new research project coordinated by IZA experts Werner Eichhorst and Michael Kendzia and commissioned by the EP Committee on […]

Do people discriminate others or favor their ownkind?

Discrimination is omnipresent in today’s labor markets: women receive lower wages, foreigner are less likely to be hired. While the […]

People react less to tax changes if tax rules are complex

How does a tax system’s complexity affect people’s reaction to tax changes? A new IZA Discussion Paper by Johannes Abeler […]

How preschool helps to fight inequality

The widening wage gap between college educated and non-college educated workers in the US and around the world has raised […]

The problems of being too skilled for your job

What if you are too skilled for your job? Previous research has shown that over-skilled workers receive lower wages. A […]

Firms can rely on workers referred by current employees

Hiring job applicants who were referred by current employees is a common and empirically well-supported practice, but there is relatively […]

Ora et non labora? A test of the impact of religion on female labor supply

Religious norms on family formation and the respective roles of husband and wife are likely to influence labor market outcomes […]

Basic entrepreneurship helps women out of poverty – new evidence from Bangladesh

The world’s poorest people lack capital and skills and work in occupations that others shun. Using a large-scale and long-term […]

Seek and ye shall find: how search requirements affect job finding rates of older workers

Older workers often have difficulties to find a new job after becoming unemployment. While this problem is often attributed to […]


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