Germany, the North Star of labor policy

Germany has not only successfully managed to escape the unemployment trap it was caught in for a couple of decades, […]

U.S. budget cuts likely to aggravate income inequality

The U.S. budget cuts bear large economic and political risks for U.S. citizens as they will aggravate income inequality. This […]

Smoking bans make (some) smokers happy

A recent IZA Discussion Paper by Reto Odermatt and Alois Stutzer shows that smoking bans increase the happiness of smokers […]

Economists agree on key economic questions

Ask two doctors and you get two opinions, ask two economists and you get three. It often seems that professional […]

Who joins a drug-selling gang?

A new paper by Leandro Carvalho and Rodrigo R. Soares analyzes the members of drug-trafficking gangs in the favelas (slums) […]

Newspapers make governments more efficient

The key democratic task of the press is to be a watchdog for governments and politicians. Do the media carry […]

Girls, take maths and boost your career!

A recent IZA working paper by Juanna Schrøter Joensen and Helena Skyt Nielsen suggests that taking more Math courses in […]


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