Workers bear most of the corporate tax burden

Do higher corporate taxes reduce wages? While this question has heavily been discussed in economics since the 1960s, compelling empirical […]

Will There Be Blood? – Economic incentives increase blood donations without negative consequences

Institutions such as the World Health Organization and national blood agencies have for 40 years promoted policy guidelines that oppose […]

Extended unemployment insurance did not affect U.S. unemployment rate

Unemployment insurance (UI) benefits typically are available for 26 weeks in the United States. In response to the Great Recession […]

Immigrant integration: Linguistic distance impedes literacy

Language acquisition of immigrants is crucially affected by the dissimilarity between the immigrant’s mother tongue and the language of the […]

Microinsurance in developing countries can help prevent child labor

Child labor is a common consequence of economic shocks in developing countries. A new IZA discussion paper by Andreas Landmann […]

Older workers use longer unemployment benefit duration to retire earlier

Extending the duration of unemployment insurance (UI) bene fits is one of the most important policy instruments to ease economic hardships […]

Blacks are still less happy than whites in the United States

In the United States the well-being of blacks is still below the well-being of whites. This has been shown by […]

Search and mating: the effect of the Internet on marriage rates

Internet facilitates searching tremendously. This should not only be true when you shop online for books or software, but also […]

Pay later to increase honesty – evidence from a field experiment with soldiers

People tend to be more honest if they are not rewarded immediately but rather in the distant future. This is […]

Do family-friendly policies hamper women’s careers?

Over the past 20 years, female labor participation in the U.S. has decreased remarkably relative to other Western countries: In […]

Older people are less productive: Evidence from professional chess players

Do people become less productive when they grow old? According to a new IZA Discussion Paper by Marco Bertoni, Giorgio […]

The Guardian reports on IZA study: No ‘welfare migration’ within EU

According to a comprehensive study of 19 European countries over a period from 1993 to 2008, national differences in unemployment […]

It matters if you’re black or white – on Australian buses!

Almost 60 years after the famous Montgomery Bus Boycott triggered by black civil rights activist Rosa Parks, a new IZA […]

What happens to the careers of European workers when immigrants “take their jobs”?

A new IZA Discussion paper by Cristina Cattaneo, Carlo V. Fiorio and Giovanni Peri evaluates the effect of immigrants on […]

Eat sugar and make better choices

Formal economic models rarely consider the mental conditions of individuals when analyzing their behavior and the decisions they make. In […]


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