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The Economics of Immigration: 2nd Edition

New textbook for undergraduate students draws extensively on IZA migration research

Graduating in a pandemic may lead to long-term income losses

IZA Expert Panel reveals country differences in labor market researchers’ expectations

High-skilled workers expected to suffer less from the COVID-19 crisis

IZA expert survey: Large differences by qualification, small differences by gender

U.S. experts regard income support for the unemployed as the most useful policy to mitigate the COVID-19 labor market crisis

IZA Expert Panel reveals large transatlantic differences in top labor economists’ assessment of policy responses

Katharine Abraham and Shelly Lundberg newly elected AEA Distinguished Fellows

Awards recognizes their lifetime research contributions

In memory of Don J. DeVoretz – a great inspiration in migration economics

IZA is saddened by the death of one of our first Research Fellows

Expert commission delivers annual report on research and innovation in Germany

IZA research director Holger Bonin recommends strengthening China expertise in firms and universities

The 2020 IZA Prize in Labor Economics goes to Lawrence Katz

Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the analysis of earnings inequality and educational change

IZA Young Labor Economist Award presented in San Diego

Leah Boustan and Philipp Kircher honored for their research

Changing work arrangements and their implications for workers

3rd IZA Workshop on Labor Statistics discusses research on contract work

Skills, preferences and labor market outcomes

3rd IZA/HSE workshop discusses new research from post-transition and emerging economies

Identifying policy levers in education settings

4th IZA Workshop on the Economics of Education

Matching workers and jobs online

IZA workshop brought together economists and computer scientists from academia and practice

New research team structure at IZA

Creating synergies through flexible collaboration

IZA Journals now published by Sciendo

Authors benefit from more convenient submission, reduced fees, and faster processing


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