IZA News

New contributions of economic research to the study of time, sleep and stress

IZA workshop on the economics of time use and mental health

Three IZA Research Fellows receive Economics Nobel Prize

2021 Prize goes to David Card, Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens

IZA/SOLE Transatlantic Meeting of Labor Economists celebrates 20th anniversary

Researchers discussed topics related to labor market inequalities and policy responses

The impact of climate change on labor markets

IZA workshop discusses new research on the labor market implications of global warming

How environmental pollution affects educational and labor market outcomes

IZA workshop discusses new research on environment, health and labor markets

New research on the economic effects of migration policies

IZA's 17th annual migration meeting with 17 presenters covered a variety of topics and countries

Measuring labor market conditions

New research presented at IZA workshop on labor statistics

IZA Young Labor Economist Award goes to Patrick Kline

Outstanding research on empirical methodology in labor economics and on wage inequality

Working from home continues to increase

IZA survey suggests most employees in Germany are satisfied with their employer’s infection control measures

IZA Crisis Monitor assesses national policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic

Second wave of qualitative survey among country experts now available

IZA Fellow Edward Lazear passes away

Stanford economist and presidential adviser dies at 72

The Economics of Immigration: 2nd Edition

New textbook for undergraduate students draws extensively on IZA migration research

Graduating in a pandemic may lead to long-term income losses

IZA Expert Panel reveals country differences in labor market researchers’ expectations

High-skilled workers expected to suffer less from the COVID-19 crisis

IZA expert survey: Large differences by qualification, small differences by gender

U.S. experts regard income support for the unemployed as the most useful policy to mitigate the COVID-19 labor market crisis

IZA Expert Panel reveals large transatlantic differences in top labor economists’ assessment of policy responses


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